We help you build and achieve resilient IP networks

IPHUB offers a variety of managed LIR (Local Internet Registry) membership services to our clients globally. We let our clients focus on building the resilience and redundancy of their IP networks as we handle the vagaries of navigating the intimidating and time-consuming task of RIR (Regional Internet Registry) policy and structural procedures required for acquiring your own IPv4, IPv6 and ASN resources.

We manage and structure our services such that our clients enjoy ALL advantages and benefits being full AFRINIC and other RIR members while at the same time shielding our clients from all administrative and fiduciary nuances associated with the membership. We are the experts at dealing with the RIR system for many years, and we will on-board any client that wishes to work with us.

Resource Acquisition Consultation

We provide free consultation for or clients seeking their own IPv4, IPv6 and ASN space, as well as existing companies wishing to expand their resource portfolio through additional IP space. Our clients requests will always be prepared for guaranteed approval.

New & Existing Membership On-Boarding

Our experts will guide our new and existing clients towards getting the quantity of IP resources needed. Most registries will issue /24 of IPv4, /32 of IPv6 and one ASN as a minimum, with much more upon our guided justification.

Managed rDNS Services

We offer managed reverse DNS services for our clients needing this service. rDNS is critical for some services such as mail servers, which use rDNS (among other things) to verify that the sending server is not a malicious.

IPv6 Readiness

IPv6 is the future, with the ever dwindling IPv4 reserves. We work with our clients to assess their IPv6 requirements and at the same time provide IPv6 training on the client’s request to ensure their network is IPv6 ready.